About the photographer

Thank you for taking the time to find out about PGB Photography of Thatcham in Berkshire. PGB is me, Peter.

My earliest memories are of snapping away on my Dad’s camera, taking photos of anything and everything! I recall now seeing an image develop in front of my eyes for the first time using a Polaroid on holiday. The passion for capturing a moment in time has never left me I am happy to report.

I know my pro Nikon equipment inside out for sure but many, many photographers believe that to be a great photographer "the bigger the lens and the bigger the mega pixels the better”. Well not really the case I have to say. Being a good photographer is about visualising a composition before it happens and choosing the right moment to shoot it when you see it. It is about doing your homework, not being lazy but exploring your location looking for the best angles to shoot from. When I get asked ‘what equipment do you use then?’, I often politely answer ‘my eyes and my legs’

I take photography SERIOUISLY! I apply the same diligence and care to ‘getting it right’ whether it is a simple Passport picture or recording a once in a lifetime, no second chances Wedding. I have been in business now for a number of years and my customer base is still growing so I must be doing something right!

I so love being involved in such a special day as a Wedding & I absolutely love the emotion and the drama of the day and feel honored to be invited to capture the event of two persons in love joining together to become a couple for life. Yes I am an old romantic I know! The key to doing a good job is to be cool, calm and collected. To be polite to guests, to be assertive (Nb. Not aggressive) and decisive and to know when to be discreet. Many compliment me on being patient, personal & friendly. I hope this is true of me, but I certainly care about my customer’s needs and care about doing the best job possible.

If you are searching the web for a loud and brash wedding photographer then do please keep on looking – there are plenty of them out there!

*Please note that PGB moved from the studio / shop address in Thatcham town centre. There is a photography business based there but they are not connected to us.

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