For clients that have booked for Wedding Photography with PGB Photography of Thatcham


What if the ceremony time has to be moved?

Please advise us of any important changes such as timings.


When should the photography be paid by?

A non-refundable deposit secures the day. Some customers wish to make additional payments every month or so and this absolutely fine, otherwise the remaining balance should be paid latest 14 days before your day. Please make cheques payable to PGB Photography.


When will you contact us again?

We will confirm receipt of your stage payment and then contact you again about 14 days or so before the wedding day so as to re-confirm timings and discuss further detail about your day. You are very welcome of course to contact us should you wish to in-between time.


When do you start on the day?

Depends upon the Package chosen but either at the house where Bride is getting ready, (about an hour or so before Bride leaves), or at the venue. If the bride would like some photos taken at the house before leaving for the ceremony, please ‘build’ this into your timings so as to allow extra time for photos to be taken. Also we need to leave the house at least 20 minutes before the bride departs.


How much time do we need to allow for photos?

Typically you will need to allow between 90 and 120 minutes from the end of the ceremony up until the start of the Wedding Breakfast. This may sound like a long time but it isn’t! This time allows for ‘ welcome drinks’ after the ceremony, maybe a ‘Receiving Line’ before you sit down to eat, time involved in calling for family members for formal group photos and travel time for guests if you are using a different venue for the ceremony to the reception.


What Photos do you normally take?

Photographs normally taken include Bride and Groom (of course!), the Bridal Party, Parents, Bride’s family group, Groom’s family, non-family guests group, Bride on her own, Groom and Best Man and Bridesmaids. If you wish to make up a list of extra photos that you might want if time allows, please keep this to a minimum. We would suggest no more that 10. Using, referring to and ticking off from a list takes more time unfortunately and interrupts the flow of creative photography on your big day.


What if the weather isn’t good?

We all hope and keep fingers crossed for dry weather but please do not despair aon the day if the weather is poor. We are very used to working indoors and really it changes things only in that we can’t photograph big groups of people and so photograph smaller groups.


How many photos do you take?

Impossible to be accurate as every wedding is different. More photos will be taken than are printed. Almost certainly, when shooting a group of people someone will have blinked and had their eyes closed so multiple shots are sometimes taken to allow for this.


When will photos be ready?

Photos are typically ready 2-3 weeks after your day.


What is the key to getting some good shots?

ENJOY THE DAY!!  The day will go by very quickly so enjoy and try not to be pre-occupied with the photography. Our aim is not to take over your day but to work alongside you both so as you end up with a lovely record of your day. There is no need to be nervous about being photographed. I will lead you on the day and if necessary perhaps give you a couple of tips so as to improve a final picture. In-between formal photos we will be capturing a few candid and informal shots of you and those around you.